[Pictures] SNSD Yuri & Yoona J.Estina bags



Yuri and Yoona’s J.Estina sponsor pics.

SNSD Yuri Jestina bags
SNSD Yoona Jestina bags


[UPDATE New Concert Date] Singapore SONEs Your Wish Has Been Granted!

Singaporean concert organizer Running Into the Sun (RITS) has updated SNSD’s concert date!

The girls will be heading to Singapore in December, for their new revised concert date of December 9, 2011, and it is expected to start at 8PM that evening.  It looks as though Singapore SONEs will have to re-adjust their schedules for the change in date.

RITS has informed everyone on their Facebook page that the reason behind their new date has to do with the girl’s schedules.  Unfortunately this was not RITS’s choice, but they are still very glad to host SNSD’s first full concert in Singapore!

Hopefully this change doesn’t bother too many fans.  At least now you guys get to see the girls earlier.

Original Article:

Girls Generation will finally be holding a concert in Singapore!

Running Into the Sun, which is a Singaporean Concert Promotions company, has selected the girls to be the next Korean act they bring to Singapore. The concert is scheduled to be held in February of 2012, with tickets being sold around the end of 2011. They are the first Korean Girl group RITS has promoted after holding concerts for both Super Junior and SHINee.

“Now the guys can’t say they’re left out.” said RTS Creative Director Beatrice Chia-Richmond. “We’re extremely thrilled to bring Girls’ Generation for their first solo concert in Singapore. Concert-goers will be mesmerized by the girls’ synchronized dance moves and heart-melt-worthy winks. We’re sure the temperatures at the Singapore Indoor Stadium would rise a few degrees with the arrival of the girls.”

Tickets will definitely be in high demand, as loyal Singapore SONEs finally get their chance to see the girls live. Make sure all you guys stay updated with RITS if your interested in getting tickets.

RITS Links:

Running into the Sun official webpage

Running into the Sun official Facebook

Congratulations to the Singapore Fans!

Source: Han@channelnewsasia.com, smtown@facebook